What Decoration methods do we offer?


Embroidery is a classic and durable method of decorating garments. It involves stitching a design directly onto the fabric using high-quality threads.

This technique adds a professional and sophisticated touch. It is ideal for logos and custom designs on hoodies, jackets, and polo shirts.

Embroidery is known for its longevity and ability to withstand multiple washes without fading. This makes it a preferred choice for items that need to maintain a high-quality appearance over time.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a versatile and cost-effective method for producing vibrant and long-lasting prints. This process uses a stencil (or screen) to apply layers of ink onto the fabric.

It is particularly suitable for bulk orders and designs with solid colours. Screen printing is perfect for creating bold and eye-catching graphics on T-shirts and sweatshirts.

This method ensures a high level of detail and colour accuracy. It is a popular choice for designs that require strong, vibrant colours.

Digital Transfer

Digital transfer, also known as heat transfer, involves printing a design onto a special transfer paper. The design is then transferred onto the garment using heat.

This method is great for complex and full-colour images, including photographs. Digital transfer is quick and efficient, making it an excellent choice for smaller orders.

It is ideal for customisation needs where high detail and a variety of colours are required. This method allows for a high level of precision and quality in the final product.

Direct to Garment (DTG)

Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is a modern technique that allows for high-resolution and detailed prints directly onto fabric. Using specialised inkjet technology, DTG can produce intricate designs with a wide colour palette.

This method is perfect for small to medium-sized orders. DTG offers the flexibility to print even the most complex designs with photographic quality.

DTG is ideal for custom T-shirts and hoodies. It provides a soft, durable finish that feels great and lasts long.

Neck & Swing Tags

Neck Tags

Neck tags are essential for branding and adding a professional touch to your garments. They are typically sewn into the neckline of clothing items and provide important information.

These tags can include your brand logo, size, care instructions, and material composition. Custom neck tags enhance brand recognition and give your products a polished, high-end look.

They are available in various materials, such as woven or printed fabric, and can be tailored to match the overall design aesthetic of your clothing line. Neck tags are a small but impactful detail that can significantly elevate your brand's presentation.

Swing Tags

Swing tags, also known as hang tags, are an excellent way to communicate your brand's identity and product information. They are attached to garments with a string or plastic fastener and can be easily removed by the customer.

These tags can include your brand logo, pricing, product details, and any special care instructions. Swing tags are a perfect opportunity to showcase your brand's story and values, making a lasting impression on your customers.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing for a high degree of customisation. Swing tags add a touch of sophistication to your products and can enhance the overall shopping experience by providing additional information in a stylish manner.

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Can I send you my garments?

Absolutely! You can send your garments to us for custom decoration. Purchase your favourite items from popular brands like North Face, Lululemon, ASOS, and more, and then ship them to us. We'll expertly add your unique design, transforming them into personalised masterpieces!

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